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Saturday, October 10th
Caden got to take a nap in a pretty unusual place. 

We also went "bar-hopping" last night after dinner (is that what you call it when you do it in a stroller?)



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Thursday, October 8th
This resort is awesome.  We have a wonderful room and the pools here are perfect for Caden.  There are tons of shallow areas where he can toodle around all day long.  He's in heaven.  I bought some cool floaties before we left, so he's having a blast swimming around with those too.  People are always very impressed with how well he can swim for his age.

He's very friendly and gregarious so he's already made lots of friends with other kids.

Of course, we're going through sunscreen like crazy but despite being lathered up in SPF 70 all day, he still tans faster than George Hamilton thanks to his Italian/Puerto Rican/Portuguese skin.



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Wednesday, October 7th
We're pretty good planners and list makers but it never fails: we always seem to be up way too late the night before any trip.  Our flight this morning was at 6:00 am, so we had to get up, well, too freaking early.  Getting to sleep early last night was essential, especially for the little munchkin. 

We were plugging away at our list last night making pretty good progress and I kept thinking, "this is too good to be true."  We were way ahead of schedule and we were actually, possibly, going to get to bed on time.  Unheard of.  As I packed our last bag way ahead of schedule, I thought to myself, "this can't be." 

Just then I went upstairs to check on Caden because he seemed way too quiet for his own good.  OMG.  F***!  I couldn't believe it.  He'd gotten a hold of a permanent black marker and wrote all over the walls, furniture, television, cabinets and carpeting.  We just about had a stroke.  And when they say "permanent" marker, they mean it.  In fact, their motto is, "...when you need a marker whose ink stands the test of time."  Lovely.  Just lovely.

We started trying to clean it up and then just looked at each other and said, "forget it!"  We're going to pretend it didn't happen and look forward to dealing with it after our vacation.  Sweet.


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Tuesday, October 6th
John's company instituted some money saving measures in the face of the bad economy and is forcing all employees to burn some vacation time before the end of the month.  It's not the end of the world but we'd rather use it on our own terms I guess.  We keep hearing about all these killer travel deals because of the bad economy so we figured it wouldn't hurt to look.  And did we ever find a deal ... we're going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for really, really cheap.  It's almost criminal how cheap.  We leave tomorrow!


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Monday, October 5th
What the hell?


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Friday, October 2nd
Caden woke up with a snotty nose yesterday morning.  These days, you don't give toddlers any cold medications so your only option is saline and suctioning.  There is nothing that Caden hates more in the world than the dreaded SNOT VACUUM.  It's actually a very efficient little device that you stick up his nose, push a button, and power-suction loogies out of his upper airway.  It even plays nursery rhymes.  Meanwhile, the stringy, disgusting snot material is nicely collected in the loogie chamber for everyone to admire after the procedure is completed.

The whole thing goes something like this: Papa and Daddy "attempt" to hold Caden down while he screams at the top of his lungs with as much drama as possible, akin to having his fingernails removed with a fork.  As soon as the loogies are removed, Caden instantly stops screaming, sits up, smiles and demands to see how much has been deposited is in the chamber, claiming "WOW ... lotta loogie Papa."

He should go into acting.

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