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Saturday, November 29th
No, we didn't get up at 4 am yesterday to score any black Friday specials or trample someone at Walmart (what is this world coming to?).  But we did go to the tree lighting downtown last night.  They have a pretty cool event that coincides with the opening of Christmas in the Park.  It's a huge animated Christmas display that covers an entire park.  They also have an outdoor ice skating rink surrounded by huge palm trees.  Last year we attended the same event and were interviewed by the local news.  The same news station actually filmed us again!  But our appearance on camera this time was so brief that the video isn't worth showing.  A mere blip on the screen.  Anyway, Caden had fun seeing the displays and watching the ice skaters.

I have some photos from Thanksgiving day.  We celebrated it this year with John's family.  We alternate every year with my family.  John's brother Mark and his sister-in-law Jeanne host Thanksgiving dinner every year and do a fabulous job.  We had a great dinner and a fantastic time.

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Friday, November 28th
The ASPCA had a best dressed dog contest and announced the winners for 2008.  Some of them are pretty funny.  I especially like the main winner; I guess you do have to dress warmly if you live in Canada!  But maybe they need better dental care up there.

I remember when we were kids we would always dress up our dogs in crazy outfits.  They always went along with it knowing it made us laugh.

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Thursday, November 27th
Happy Thanksgiving!  A great time to remind ourselves of the physical and emotional benefits of gratitude; not just today but everyday ...

(1) Studies have shown that people who take even a second each day to acknowledge something they're thankful for ... will sleep better, exercise more, and feel less stressed than a control group who did not engage in such an exercise.

(2) Studies show that being grateful increases your satisfaction with your life and allows you to feel happier, which in turn allows you to accomplish more.

(3) Focusing on what you're grateful for also reminds you of your priorities and what is fundamentally important to you. Often we get caught up worrying about and focusing on little things that are really not important to us; sweating the small stuff. Thinking about what we're grateful for allows us to refocus ourselves on what is really important in our lives.

(4) Gratitude allows us to enjoy the good in our lives.  We sometimes pressure ourselves to only achieve big goals as a way to achieve happiness.  But focusing on being appreciative can help us focus on the many small things that occur in our day that we're grateful for: seeing a beautiful sky, sharing a laugh with our partner, seeing our kids healthy and happy and playing. These things make life very enjoyable and satisfying, but too often we take them for granted in our search for the big and flashy successes.  Practicing gratitude allows us to appreciate our success and our happiness more.

"Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy -- because we will always want to have something else or something more." - David Steindl-Rast

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Wednesday, November 26th
Up until it started getting colder this week, Caden and I pretty much just wore shorts and t-shirts everywhere we went.  But now that the weather's finally changing, we open Caden's closet looking for something warmer to put on him and find that it's all from last season - and too small.  I put long pants on him the other day and he had such high waters that he looked like he was expecting a flood.  Poor kid ... his parents dressing him up like a nerd in clothes that are too small for him.

So I took him to the mall the other day to buy some new winter clothes.  We did pretty well.  We got some cool new pants, some new warm shirts and even a winter coat.  Seems like the stores are really discounting things right now.  Anyway, as we were walking through the mall, we saw that Santa Claus is already in 'da house.  We walked over and observed him for quite awhile while I explained to Caden who he was and what he does.  At the time, Santa had no business and there was no line so about all he had to do was sit there awkwardly and wave at us while we stared back at him.  After a few minutes, I asked Caden if he wanted to go over and meet Santa.  With some hesitation, he shook his head in agreement even though his eyes were as big as saucers.

We slowly walked toward Santa's domed little habitat area and with each step forward, I could feel Caden's body growing more and more tense.  His eyes were locked onto Santa like a heat seeking missile on its target.  By the time we crossed the threshold onto the red carpet, Caden could no longer walk.  He was so stiff.  So I picked him up and we proceeded toward the Large Bearded Enigma.  He was very friendly and reached out his white-gloved hand.  Caden took it all pretty well and even sat on his lap.  He listened to everything Santa was telling him and even pushed on his big belly.

Of course at that point I realized I had no choice but to buy a photo.  We were committed.  But getting Caden to smile was impossible.  I practically stood on my head trying to get him to laugh or crack a smile.  He just wouldn't give one up.  So here it is.  Compare it to last year's photo

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Tuesday, November 25th
We had to put one of our alley cats to sleep this morning.  It was a real bummer.  I've told this story before, but shortly after we moved into our house, a litter of abandoned tiny kittens appeared in the wooded creek area across the street.  Being the suckers we are, we put food and water out for them and, five years later, we're still feeding them.  We trapped them, had them all fixed and they all became pretty tame (around us at least) but they do live outside full time.  They show up every night for dinner and sleep on our front porch.

Anyway, one of the alley cats, OJ (short for Other Orange Cat somehow), has been developing labored breathing over the past few weeks and it's worsened in the past couple days.  I decided to trap him last night and take him to our vet this morning.  I knew it would be a dilemma about how much to spend on veterinary care for a feral cat versus finding a way to make him comfortable somehow.  The first estimate they gave me was over $500 of course.  I half expected some kind of special rate for feral cats, but no.  So I authorized them to at least take a chest x-ray so we could see what was in there.  It showed his chest was full of fluid, meaning that he probably had heart failure or an enlarged heart or something.  Treatment was certainly an option but it would mean confining him and medicating him a couple of times a day.  Not something a feral cat - who's used to having his freedom all day long - would likely tolerate.  Just having him in a crate all night was pretty nerve wracking for him as it was.  So we made the decision on euthanasia.  Our veterinarian felt his prognosis was poor and treating him, as a feral cat, would likely be too problematic.  Confining him would just exacerbate his breathing problem.

So there I was again, stroking a sweet little animal's head while the doctor injected the death serum.  It brought back memories of the times I've done it before with family pets.  But I was thankful to see his discomfort finally eased.  I have to say, in the couple of times I've seen a cat put to sleep, there is something very striking about it.  No matter how sick they've been, they always look very majestic afterwards.  They have such regal features about them when they're at peace.

I brought OJ back home so that his brother could see him and not have to wonder what happened to him.  And then I buried him next to the creek under a giant oak tree, a place I'm sure he spent many afternoons watching birds and catching sunshine.

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Ok, I'll admit it.  And I'm not afraid to admit it.  One of my favorite shows on TV is America's Funniest Videos.  I'm a sucker for people falling down, crashing into things, and especially for animals doing something stupid.  John looks at me with such pity while I sit in front of the TV hysterically laughing at someone else's misfortunes.  As long as you can fast forward through the inane commentary by the host, I find the show pretty funny.

But put down Caden as one who doesn't!  Mr. Sensitive does not like it when people fall down or crash.  He starts to cry.  He's always been very sensitive about stuff like that.  Whenever John and I are rough-housing or we bonk each other on the head in fun, Caden get's upset.  Every time we've had this show on, Caden's gotten rattled; usually during a video where someone has almost gotten hurt.  And how do you explain to a little kid that it's ok and actually funny?  Well, I think you don't.  I'm kind of glad that he's sensitive this way and I don't want to undermine it.  Too many kids grow up to be insensitive thugs these days and I'm ok having one that seems to recognize other people's feelings.  I'll just have to watch my silly videos without Caden.  Some are sure funny though.


Monday, November 24th
Today we're starting a new project.  Part of the idea I stole from someone else and part I've made up myself.  I'm calling it the "Home is Harmony" project.  For the next 30 days between now and Christmas, you dedicate a specific amount of time everyday, whatever you think you can squeeze into your schedule ... 2 hours, 30 minutes, 10 minutes a day ... of uninterrupted time doing something to make your house more organized, cleaner, uncluttered.  The place you've always wanted it to be.  It can be little projects or big projects.  Personally, there are times when we walk into our house and look around at the mess and it feels like a real downer.  Especially with the mounds of mail and papers everywhere.  Who wants to feel overwhelmed and disorganized during the holidays? 

Some people do Spring cleaning.  But what better time of the year to make your house feel great than just before Christmas and the start of a New Year?  The other benefit is that as you're organizing or cleaning out closets, you'll find lots of things to donate to Goodwill or other charities that can be put to good use this time of year, especially good coats or warm clothes you don't wear anymore. 

In the end, it doesn't actually matter whether you spent the same amount of time each day, or cleaned out every closet in your house, or scrubbed the baseboards in every room, or whatever your goals were.  What matters is that you gave your house a little attention at a time of year when your house is most the center of attention for you.  It'll make you feel good.  I think you'll be surprised how much it will help you focus on the things that really matter during the holidays.  So get with it!  Put on a little holiday music, make a list of what you want to accomplish, establish a goal of how much time you're going to dedicate to your house each day, and then get going. 

By the time Christmas Eve Day comes around in a month, I want to feel like we're living in a house humming with some renewed harmony. 

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Sunday, November 23rd
My brother Keith was fishing up on Donner Lake last week and caught a massive Mackinaw.  These are like large trout and are found abundantly in Lake Tahoe and Donner Lakes.  Anyway, the fish was 41 inches long and weighed 23 pounds!  That's how much Caden weighs!  Keith said he would have thrown her back but by the time he got it into the boat, the fish was so tired that it probably would not have survived being thrown back anyway.  The massive catch caught wind around Tahoe and pretty soon Keith found himself on the front page of the local newspaper up there too.  And as you can imagine in our modern technology world, there are websites where fish catches are reported for other fishing aficionados to revel in and comment on.  And compare hook sizes and jig set-ups (or something).

Since he's lived up there, he's developed a rather acute sickness for fishing.  It's all he thinks about these days, and well, this experience is probably just going to make him pathologically addicted.  When Caden gets a little bit older, we're looking forward to some fishing trips on Tahoe.

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Saturday, November 22nd
Our wedding photos aren't quite ready yet but we did get a tiny sneak peek of a couple shots.  I mostly needed one to put on our thank you card (that I'm already feeling late getting out), so Andre sent me a couple to choose from.  We totally love this photo.  We'll share some more soon, and we'll post the best shots once we have them all.


Friday, November 21st
Uh oh.  I think we might have bought ourselves two decades of 5 am practices, weekend tournaments in God-awful places like Turlock, and equipment costs that could rival the purchase of a grand piano.  For the past few weeks, Caden has been a hockey playing fool around this house.  We bought him a little play hockey stick a couple of months ago and recently we've noticed that about all he does is run around the house "playing hockey."  I don't think this is normal for a 17 month old.  Lately, he's been going into the pantry and taking out potatoes and then he hits them around like a hockey puck (consequently, you never know where you might find a stray potato in our house these days).

We haven't openly encouraged this hockey playing behavior.  We don't really want him to be a hockey player.  But I guess it's to be expected since he watches so much hockey with us.  We not only attend the 40 or so games for the San Jose Sharks every season, but Caden and I will sometimes go to their practices too. 

I'm not sure I want to be a hockey parent.  If he really loves it and wants to do it, I suppose we'll support him.  I suppose any sport is going to come with early morning practices and weekend tournaments somewhere.  Should be interesting to watch!  Considering that neither of his dads can skate on ice without totally embarrassing ourselves, perhaps we'll leave the lessons to someone else.


Thursday, November 20th
Caden and I went to the mall today to return a couple of items.  After we hit a couple of stores, I decided to let him go into the little playland area they have for kids.  I actually hate letting him go there.  I always joke that its the equivalent of a giant Petri dish.  A cauldron of kid snot and disease.  At least the winter flu and cold season hasn't fully started yet so I was willing to let him go in and play.  He LOVES it of course. 

I sat down with my Starbucks drink and watched him pick up and spread germs around from the turtle to the green frog to the lady bug to the log tunnel. 

But something was definitely up.  The parents were all acting weird.  Everyone seemed on edge.  Every time a kid would walk near the pirate boat, one of the parents would freak out and shoo the kid away.  "What the heck?"  Pretty soon another kid would run over and try to jump in the pirate boat and the parents nearby would all freak out and run the kid off.  Ok, something's up.  I bet somebody pee'd in there.  I need to go see.

Just as I am about to walk over to investigate, one of the mall security guards announces that we need to clear out the area so that "housekeeping can come in and clean."  Sure enough.  Just as I suspected.  Someone must have had an accident.  I walked over to the other side of the playland to get Caden who was playing in the log tunnel. 

But you know me well enough ... I'm curious.  I have to look.  So we swing by the pirate boat on our way out.  I look down and ... OH MY GAWD.  A kid took a shit in the pirate boat.  And this was no small poop.  This might as well have come out of a horse.  GIANT.  What has that kid's mother been feeding him?!  Tree limbs?

We quickly evacuated and, of course, Caden was inconsolable.  After all, we'd just gotten there.  How do you explain to a 17 month old that you're evacuating for Code Brown?  He didn't care.  He wanted to play on the lady bug.

All I have to say is ... yet another reason to avoid the playland at the mall.  Or should I say ... poopland.

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Wednesday, November 19th
The holidays are here!  Only 36 days until Christmas.  Does that give you anxiety?  Why!?  The holidays are an awesome time to stop and reflect on all of the amazing things you have to be thankful for and all of the wonderful things you've been gifted in your life.  Some people use the holidays as one more excuse to complain about something.  Get over it!  Life is about more than that.

We've decided to celebrate the holidays earlier this year.  Not before Thanksgiving of course (that would be crazy), but earlier than usual.  Just a matter of making a concerted effort to get things underway earlier.  The holidays always seem to fly by too fast so perhaps adding a few extra days or another week might help.  The retailers are always happy to start the holidays early; they had a tree lighting at one of our local outdoor malls last night.  It's always fun and we attended with Caden.  There were gobs of people.  Caden saw Santa, watched the tree lighting, and then got down, got funky and got his groove on.


Tuesday, November 18th
Some things are just too funny.  The American Family Association, a group that sponsored much of the bigotry to support passage of Proposition 8, just came out with a new yard decoration for Christmas.  Be careful whose lawn you stick it on! It looks a tad, uh ... blazing.  Sadly ironic.

UPDATE:  They obviously got wind that people were making fun of their burning cross because they revised the photo and put a Christmas gift and plant around it to make it look less like a symbol of intolerance.

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Saturday, November 15th
There were rallies held all across the country today in opposition of the passage of Proposition 8.  People gathered in more than 300 cities nationwide.  We joined the march and rally here in San Jose.  They estimated there were more than a thousand people in attendance.  People marched from three different starting points and everyone ended up in front of City Hall for speeches and a rally.  There were lots of people with kids and strollers.  It was very peaceful.  That's one thing you can always count on with the gays: they're very orderly.  No one blocked traffic or caused trouble with the police.  A couple of politicians spoke but mostly it was a show of unity for equal rights.  There were lots of great signs.  We made some of our own.  Caden had one too.

It will be interesting to see where things go from here.  There are a number of legal challenges ahead, including more decisions for the Supreme Court.  In the meantime, it's been really gratifying to see the widespread awakening and support for this issue.

Friday, November 14th
We had a little "incident" at the Sharks game on Tuesday night.  They have a mascot called "Sharkie" who makes his way around the arena during the game to cheer on the fans and keep the energy high.  We sit right next to the stairwell and Sharkie came running up the stairs and stood on the ledge right next to us and started beating on a drum and cheering on the crowd. It scared the crap out of Caden and he started screaming and crying.  I think Sharkie realized that Caden was freaking out and so he kind of moved to the other side of the aisle.  He tried waving to Caden a couple of times but it didn't make any difference.  The damage was done.  We kept trying to explain to him that Sharkie is a nice guy but I think because he's such a big imposing character, it's just too intimidating for a little guy like Caden.

We went to another game last night and Caden spent the whole night hunting Sharkie.  Like laser beams, he had his eyes fixed on that big fuzzy mascot wherever he went in the arena.  It was funny to watch.  We might need to convince Sharkie to stop by sometime soon for a kinder and gentler experience and perhaps deliver a special toy or something. 


Tuesday, November 11th
Mischief central.


Monday, November 10th
Enough said.


Saturday, November 8th
Ok, I promise the election stuff will start to taper off, but some of this is just plain funny.  I found these online today.  A roundup of some this week's late-night comedy show lines...

"Yesterday, first lady Laura Bush called Michelle Obama and invited her and her young daughters to the White House. Laura Bush told Mrs. Obama, 'While I give you a tour, the girls can watch SpongeBob with the president.'"

 - Conan O'Brien

"President Bush called Barack Obama to congratulate him. Obama thanked Bush for his call and for all he did to help Obama get elected."

 - Jimmy Kimmel

"Attention passengers: the Straight Talk Express is no longer in service."
"Barack Obama is our new president. I think I speak for everybody when I say, 'Anybody mind if he starts a little early?'"
"At the end of the night, the electoral vote count was 349 for Obama, 148 for McCain. Or as Fox News says: 'too close to call.'"

"Right about now, Joe The Plumber is meeting with his transition team. They're going to help ease him from obscurity back to oblivion."
 - David Letterman

"We're all very happy except Sean Hannity, who is too busy in the bathroom crying."

 - Fox News's Chris Wallace on The Daily Show

And one of my favorite cartoons this week ...


Friday, November 7th
Caden and I went to the park this morning.  It's such a beautiful day; we wanted to take advantage of any last chance for nice weather before winter starts to roll in.  He's at such a great age right now for understanding things and "answering" questions.  He doesn't say too many words yet but shakes his head "yes" all the time when asked things.  It's pretty darn cute.  I was talking to another parent about it yesterday at one of our classes and we were saying how we should really enjoy this time before they start to get bossy and holler "NO" to everything.

If you ask Caden whether he wants to go to the park, he'll always stop whatever he's doing, his eyes brighten up and he nods "yes" in that great little vote of approval. 

He received some cool shorts for his birthday in June that haven't quite fit him yet, so I thought we'd try wearing them today.  Still too big.  And hilariously so.  He'd definitely fit in with the droopy pant, underwear showing dude crowd.

So we're having a fine time at the park, playing on the slide and swings.  Caden always "drives" down there in his blue car.  There was another family there and the mother asked whether her toddler son could get in and ride around in it.  I said "sure" of course and explained to Caden how nice it is to share things with people.  And then I notice that the kid is sneezing and she's constantly wiping gobs of snot from his nose.  Ok ...  am I being a prude by thinking it was rude for her to let her cootie child play it?  I just don't get it.  Why would I want my kid to get his cold?  Some in our society don't seem to have grasped the basics of how to prevent spreading illnesses.  But then again, maybe I'm a prude.  Just call me Papa Prude.

Anyway, they finished playing with it (and snotting all over it) and left.  Caden and I pushed it home without touching any cootie parts.  We'll decontaminate it later.  Whatever lady.


Thursday, November 6th
I came across this map on a blog yesterday and the caption made me laugh.  The map shows only the very strongest McCain supporting counties, a swath of voters along Appalachia and Arkansas.  And the caption said something like, "Oh, so this is where the people live who most worry about those Americans making over $250,000?!

Right.  It wouldn't have to do with some other social issue, would it?

We had so many things delivered to the house last week for the wedding that Caden (and the cats of course) had a great time playing in all of the boxes.  He happened to find one full of Styrofoam peanuts one evening and before we realized it, they were everywhere.  So we just let him have fun.  He had a fabulous time - for hours. 

Things were so busy last week that I didn't have a chance to post anything about Halloween.  We didn't go out trick-or-treating since it was raining and since we were swamped getting ready for the wedding ceremony the next day.  But we were home handing out candy and Caden wore his monster costume to greet the kids coming to the door.  When the first couple of trick-or-treaters showed up, I'm not sure he quite understood what was going on.  I don't think he understood why we weren't inviting all these people into the house.  Then, after a few more showed up, he became very interested in everyone's costumes.  He kept backing up as if to welcome them in the door.  When we'd close the door for them to leave, he'd get really mad.  It was pretty funny.  We'd tell him that more people were coming soon and he needed to wait for the doorbell to ring.

He did do his own version of trick-or-treating at our own front door.  With all the practice he got at the Halloween parties he attended, he knew exactly how to accept the candy and where to stash it.

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Wednesday, November 5th
Alleluia!  A new day and a new world dawns.  We are so happy that Barack Obama has been elected our next president.  It gives us such hope and promise for the future that we will have a leader who embodies similar values and ethics as we do.

The next question is whether our elected leaders can begin to act like adults and work together for the good of our country instead of being selfish, petty brats who operate based on egotistical self-interest.  Let's pray that President Obama can break down those barriers and inspire our elected leaders to be bigger, better people.  The joy we feel about Obama's overwhelming election cannot be understated around this house!

On a sad note, it looks like Proposition 8 is going to pass.  It's only winning by about four hundred thousand votes (out of ten million votes), but it is still very likely going to pass.  Crap.  More than anything, it mostly feels just "strange" to me.  It feels strange that so many people would choose to take action to negatively impact others.  And that churches would be the primary force behind them.  It feels very bizarre when you personally are the subject - the target - of such action.  And what's weird about it is that you can't help but suddenly look at people differently.  I hope this feeling doesn't last long but I was in the grocery store tonight and, looking at other shoppers, I kept thinking to myself, "did you vote against me? ... I wonder how you voted?"  Not a healthy way to look at the world but perhaps that is a side effect of feeling targeted.

I suppose many will feel anger, frustration and disgust about Proposition 8.   I'm not sure I really feel that way.  It's definitely disappointing, but I more think these two things at this point:
(1) They won on a lie.  If they can base their whole campaign on lying about school children and religious freedom, well then the idiots who voted for Proposition 8 deserve to have been duped.
(2) I woke up this morning to my same incredible life, my same beautiful family, my same extraordinary little son and no one can take that away from us.  I have everything to celebrate and nothing to complain about.

I think the funniest thing I heard today was that Californian's voted for the rights of chickens (proposition 2 passed) over the rights of people (proposition 8 failed).  Viva le Pollo!  What can you do but laugh, right?

Tuesday, November 4th
It's Election Day!  Thank God it's finally here.  I think everyone is looking forward to it being over.  Caden and I volunteered to work at a poll site on behalf of the No on 8 campaign today.  We got up at 5:00 am and arrived at the poll site before it opened at 6:30.  Our job was to approach voters before they went inside and encourage them to vote No on 8.  We handed them small "palm cards" that had a simple message to vote no and listed who opposed the measure.  Everyone immediately asks ... is this activity legal?  It sure is as long as you're at least 100 feet away from the polling place.  The No on 8 campaign sent out teams of volunteers to polling places all across California today and estimates that we made contact with more than a million voters.  The goal wasn't necessarily to change anyone's mind or even to engage with the staunch yes voters, but just to answer questions in case anything came up and to be sure people weren't confused about which way to vote.  Be as friendly as possible and never ever confrontational.  Kill them with kindness.  The campaign estimated that as many as 10% of our supporters had the chance to be confused and vote "yes" even though they were supposed to be voting "no." 

It was definitely a long day but I thought it was interesting and worthwhile.  There were a couple of very interesting conversations.  I know I changed the mind of several voters and based on only a couple of minutes of chat.  It just goes to show how little some people know about the issue.  I worked with some great volunteers today.  Caden and I were the only one's here all day while others came and went in different shifts.  We worked with a couple of other gay people but most were straight and married.  We finally left the poll about thirteen hours later at about 7:30 pm.  Caden was awesome all day.  I brought along lots of food and toys to entertain him.  He got a good nap in his stroller in the afternoon. 

The vast majority of voters we encountered at our polling site told us they were planning to vote no.  The few yes voters we encountered were pretty easy to pick out of the crowd.  Just look for the sourpuss walking toward you.  Several yelled at us for being there, saying it was against the law.  I was the "poll captain" at our site, so I got to deal with a few issues but it mostly was a calm and fun day.  The majority of the no voters were really upbeat and nice.  We had people offer to get coffee for us, high five us, hug us, sob in front of us.  The positive emotions were really amazing.

When I went to do my training last night for today's electioneering, I had another remarkable moment of truth.  When I first got there, they had about 25 chairs set up, waiting for the training to start.  I took a seat and waited.  Over the next ten minutes, the place flooded full of volunteers.  Waves and waves of people kept coming and more and more chairs were crammed in for people to sit.  Pretty soon the place was wall to wall with people.  There were elderly couples, young people, folks of all races, gay and straight.  I looked around and for a brief moment, I was overcome with emotion.  It hit me that all of these people were there to fight for me.  For us.  All to keep the other side from screwing up our future.  It took a lot to hold back my tears of appreciation.  I wanted to stand up and shout out my gratitude.  But I would have just looked weird.  I just wish John could have gotten the day off from work to join me today.


Monday, November 3rd
Well, here it is.  An official State of California marriage license between John and I.  And to think that tens of millions of Californians will go into the election booth tomorrow to decide whether or not we deserve to have this.  Astonishing.  Was there an opportunity I missed for me to vote on their marriages? 

It's kind of bittersweet to be celebrating such a fun and happy occasion at a time when this proposition is looming over our head.  And it feels like they have the momentum.  I'm trying to stay positive, but it's really depressing when you see so many signs on the roadway and ads on television.  At this point we can only hope and pray that people do the right thing on election day.  And have a little faith!

Anyway, the wedding on Saturday was awesome.  Caden had a blast and was the most perfect wedding guest you can imagine.  He looked so sharp in his little suit.  Once I have a few more photos to post, I'll write more about it. 

Be sure to GO VOTE tomorrow.  Vote Yes on our marriage and No on Proposition H8.

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