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Tuesday, June 30th
A friend of ours was terminated from his job tonight simply because he told them he was gay.  Can you believe that?  What kind of country do we live in where an employer is so short-sighted that they base their employment decisions on someone's sexual orientation, on a quality that most Americans are finally coming to agree is God-given and not a choice.  And the amazing thing is that his employer will get away with it.  They can fire him without penalty and he loses everything, just simply because he's gay.  He didn't choose to be.  He just is.

So who is this person?  Lieutenant Dan Choi, an Arabic-speaking linguist in the Army National Guard.  His employer is the federal government.  His dilemma is not actually that he's gay; it's that he was honest.  There are thousands and thousands of gay people effectively serving in the military right now but are forced to lie about their true selves.  They won't be fired because they can't or won't be honest.  At a time when our country is overly-committed militarily, this nutty policy must be ended.  The nonsense that surrounds Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell and the hysteria that brews within the military about gay people serving really just needs to stop.  Some of the greatest leaders on our planet exist within the American military.  The most ardent chain-of-command exists there too.  Have some balls.  Show some leadership.  Make it so.  And tell people to follow it.  Period.  Do what's right.  Apparently more than 75% of the American public agrees.  Let's follow the example of so many other countries across the globe that are inclusive and allow all people to serve their country. 
And yet, while our president sits on his hands, we have these kinds of shenanigans getting airtime.  Talk about nutty.

Disclaimer: ok, so Lt. Choi is not really a "friend" in the true sense of the word, but based on everything he's been through and all the crap he's had to fight against, I'd be proud to call him a friend any day.

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Monday, June 29th
Caden picked up a summer job as a bouncer down at the Gymboree.  He says you really have to enforce the door policy in a place like that; kids are always trying to slip into the VIP line or smuggle in pops and M's. 

Seriously though, I'm a sucker for amusing kid shirts.  The snarkier the better.  We also bought one that said "Well behaved children rarely make history."  I figure all the money I spend on t-shirts like this is rationalized by all the money I don't spend on Barney and Doodlebops apparel that my kid will never be caught dead wearing.

Of course, someday when my kid is just as sarcastic as me, I'll probably think nerdy Doodlebop clothing wasn't such a bad idea ...


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Sunday, June 28th
We attended the San Francisco Pride Parade today.  Just like last year, we were invited to walk in the parade with our adoption agency alongside their float.  I made up some fun t-shirts for the three of us to wear.  You can see in the photos what the front said.  The back said, "dads x 2 ... kid x 1 ... family = love."  We couldn't believe how many people were talking about our shirts and asking us if they could take our picture.  And of course Caden's crazy hat always gets plenty of attention. 

He had so much fun walking in the parade but keeping him focused enough to keep moving forward was kind of a challenge. It's a little hard to explain to a two-year-old that he can't hold up a parade being watched by a million people just because he found an interesting rock on the ground.  So he got prodded a lot, carried and confined to the stroller at times.  The weather was sure beautiful and people were in a great mood.  Every year we see more and more families and kids in the parade.  I think there were more strollers than motorcycles this year - which is saying a lot!  Some people begrudge that the parade and festival has become so mainstream.  I'm quite alright with that. Don't get me wrong; I still hope all the colorful, flamboyant and crazily dressed-up people continue to participate.  But regular folks should have a presence too and demonstrate to society that our lives are just as ordinary and boring as theirs. 



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Saturday, June 27th
Apparently it is more fun sometimes to put your oatmeal on your head instead of in your tummy.



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Friday, June 26th
Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately.  It's been a combination of things but mostly just plain due to the fact that there need to be more than 24 hours in a day.  I've been trying to finish up two writing projects and, while I'm almost done, the last few weeks especially have felt a little bit like delivering a breech baby (not that I've ever done that of course).  I'm writing some chapters for a paramedic textbook on renal emergencies.  You know ... kidney failure, kidney stones, dialysis.  Sound exciting?  Probably not.  But I actually kind of enjoy it.  ANYWAY ... I'm almost finished writing (for now) so hopefully we'll get back to some regular blogging very soon!

In the meantime, Caden has not grown up and gone off to college.  But he did turn two years old last week!  We of course did some heavy duty celebrating and lots of fun things.  Here are some photos of our many adventures this past week.  He had the time of his life.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.  I have a couple of great videos that I need to get posted.  More stuff coming soon.  I promise.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Caden's 2nd Birthday


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